Please DO NOT park in front of the ATCO trailer or hangar doors.

Parking is limited in Nanaimo, if parking is not available in our lot you will be required to park at the airport long-term parking. All vehicles must be registered with Alkan during check in.
Parking is not allowed in front of the no parking signs. This includes the hangar doors, in front of the trailer and along the property fence at the North end.  All vehicles in these locations are subject to towing.


COEUR Silvertip – Passenger Information

Departure time to Watson Lake:


  • From Nanaimo -YCD- 06:00am  
  • From Kelowna -YLW- 06:00am 
  • From Prince George -YXS-  07:30am 

IMPORTANT! Ensure to check in 45 minutes prior departure.


Departure time from Watson Lake:

  • 1530 – All destinations  

The following times may vary due to: weather, operations and planning. 

Arrival times

  • Into Prince George -YXS- 05:30pm  
  • Into Kelowna -YLW- 07:00pm 
  • Into Nanaimo -YCD-  07:00pm

We recommend all passengers to book their commercial outbound flight 2-3 hours after the arrival times listed in this itinerary.


Weight allowance:

20 Lb per person is the maximum weight allowed in the plane, anything above that may have to be left behind. 


General Information:

Airplanes can get cool at high altitudes, please make sure to carry a jacket or sweater with you.

We kindly ask that you keep the airplane clean and take all your belongings with you.

Thank you Kindly