Alkan Air believes safety is of utmost importance and is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for customers, employees and members of the public.

To meet this objective, Alkan Air is committed to maintaining a Safety and Quality Management System which ensures:

  • Clear communication and promotion of company health and safety issues
  • All levels of staff are held accountable and responsible for a clear commitment to safety
  • Appropriate Training and education of all employees
  • Internal reporting, hazard Identification, risk assessment and evaluation for taking proactive steps to eliminate injury to persons and damage to equipment
  • An inspection and audit process to measure effectiveness and allow for continuous improvement of the SQMS and company culture

Employees are encouraged to be committed to the safety culture in a number of ways. This is embodied in by the TRACE program. TRACE is an acronym that stands for the following:

  • I will be Trained for all tasks and equipment I use
  • I will Report all unsafe conditions
  • I will be Accountable for my actions at all times
  • I am Committed to being safe and being part of our SQMS program
  • I will Encourage a safe workplace and involvement of my fellow workers

As President and Accountable executive , I accept the ultimate responsibility for aspects of safety at Alkan Air and pledge to consider safety over all other factors in all risk managements processes.

Wendy Tayler    
President and Accountable Executive
Alkan Air Ltd.